Are Brand Accounts Dead?

Are brand accounts dead? Here’s our take: posting like a brand account is dead. Read on to see what we mean.

Struggle With Writing Social Copy? Read This.

Social Media Copywriting Tips Copywriting on social media is an art, and it’s often overlooked because of everything else that goes into managing social channels. It’s critical but tough—best practices for social media copywriting are surprisingly fluid. Here are a few pieces of advice you can apply today to make your social content shine a […]

Do Holiday, Birthday, and Anniversary Posts Belong on Corporate Social Accounts?

Do holiday, birthday, and anniversary posts belong on corporate social accounts? Our opinion: It depends on the purpose. A good purpose is if you’re following a thoughtful strategy. Maybe your company and your team has a lot of face time with current/prospective clients or customers. It’s a good idea to get their names and faces […]

Need Social Post Ideas? Here Are 3 (and they’re free!)

Don’t Overthink Your Next Post. We’ve Got You Covered 👇 Here are 3 social post ideas to make your next content calendar just a little bit easier. Social Updates and Funky Things We Found This Week We’re Hiring! We’re looking to add a Production Coordinator to our team! This role is perfect for anyone who’s […]

Data, Analytics, and Insights are Confusing

They’re Related, But They’re Not the Same Like cousins! Siblings are too close. These 3 things all connect, but they aren’t the same, even though they’re often used interchangeably. And honestly, that’s fine! As long as they’re being interpreted and shared differently too, that works. Let’s dive into each really quickly. Data This is just […]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s What To Do

Social Media Teams Do the MOST Social media pros juggle a lot of responsibility. We’re graphic designers and video experts. Copywriters and data analysts. Customer service reps and business strategists. On top of all of that, there’s a mountain of manual work that has to happen. Phew. Anyway, here’s why social media pros shouldn’t wear […]

Check Yourself

This Tuesday email is brought to you by Labor Day! Thanks, Mr. Day. The Delicate Balance of Ego and Social Media Wait, what? Admittedly, this is a silly topic. But here’s the hot take: egos ruin good social media. It probably ruins all creative. It’s just in the nature of the work: you have to […]

The Algorithm Does Not Care About You

Don’t Create Content For the Algo You should be creating content for your audience, not the algorithm. It’s one of the biggest whoopsies we see social media pros make. And honestly, we’ve been guilty of it plenty of times too. It feels like a lot of “news” in the social world revolves solely around platform […]

Why You Should Be Posting Youtube Shorts

YouTube Shorts Needs To Be a Part of Your Social Strategy Yes, we know: we’ve said this before. Like, 3 times. But that’s because it’s important, y’all. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and it’s kind of an untapped platform for a lot of people. It’s up there with TikTok for the best place […]

You Gotta Be in it For The Long Haul

Here’s Why Social Media is a Long Game Your organic social media presence is a needle-mover, but you’re not going to see massive gains immediately. The goal is simple: create and cultivate a community. That’s it. If you’re all sales all the time, you miss out on connection—that’s what we believe is still at the […]