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The Delicate Balance of Ego and Social Media

Wait, what?

Admittedly, this is a silly topic. But here’s the hot take: egos ruin good social media. It probably ruins all creative. It’s just in the nature of the work: you have to be humble enough to hear and apply feedback. The content is literally only as good as it’s perceived to be by your audience, so if you’re stuck thinking, “They just don’t get it,” you’re probably the one that’s lost. It absolutely stinks when your homerun idea turns out to be a dribbler to the mound, but that’s the job. Brush it off and try again.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Do This

We can’t believe we let this slip by last week! So, ICYMI, this is a post from the NBA’s official Facebook account. There are a few things to unpack here, so let’s dive in.

First, holy cow. Imagine being so upset, so disgruntled, so mistreated that you feel like this is a good course of action. The depiction of the role, while probably exaggerated, is a huge problem in social media roles. So much work for so little money. And if burnout happens, that’s fine—someone else can be brought in ASAP, and the cycle starts again. We’ve gotta break that, y’all.

Second, and more importantly, don’t do this. It’s an irresponsible and poor way to handle this issue. Honestly, who would want to hire this employee after seeing this? It’s not included here, but this person even plugged their new agency underneath! Would you give them access to your accounts?

Updates From the Social World

Get Better At Social

We know how hard it can be to run an effective social media presence with a smaller team. Heck, we’ve had to figure this out ourselves. Once we started growing, we realized that we really wished we had someone to help us out along the way. It would’ve been great to grow alongside someone going through the same struggles. We created a group to do just that through monthly educational sessions. Check it out below.

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