The Algorithm Does Not Care About You

Don’t Create Content For the Algo

You should be creating content for your audience, not the algorithm. It’s one of the biggest whoopsies we see social media pros make. And honestly, we’ve been guilty of it plenty of times too. It feels like a lot of “news” in the social world revolves solely around platform changes and updates. You’re thinking, “Isn’t that literally what this newsletter does? Bunch of hypocrites.” And that’s fair. Have your fun. The thinking is this: you should know what’s happening on the platforms. But in a vacuum, these updates don’t matter. If you spend all your time trying to “hack the algorithm,” you’ll just end up with followers who only care about your trending content. Try selling them your service and let us know how that goes. Or they’ll feel tricked into following you, which is so much worse! Create your content for your audience while weighing if any platform updates can help you do that better. That’s the right way to apply social news to your brand’s pages. Also, just in general, don’t follow any “hacks” just for the sake of increasing followers and/or reach. It’s slimy and does more harm than good. Trust us—we’ve worked with clients before who based their entire social presence on trends. When they realized that their followers weren’t actually interested in their expertise, many dropped off—they signed up to see trends, not learn more about this brand’s offerings. So, they had to rebuild their audience from scratch. Which is not fun.

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