Why You Should Be Posting Youtube Shorts

YouTube Shorts Needs To Be a Part of Your Social Strategy

Yes, we know: we’ve said this before. Like, 3 times. But that’s because it’s important, y’all. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and it’s kind of an untapped platform for a lot of people. It’s up there with TikTok for the best place to achieve high organic reach!

You hear YouTube, and you probably think of long-form content right away. Which is cool—that still performs well here by itself. But the secret to high-performing YouTube is your first impression. We’re talking thumbnails, titles, and descriptions.

YouTube is where SEO and keyword wizards shine. Although social media feels like a crowded space right now, we promise you not many people are placing importance on great content AND great copy. There’s no better place to combine these skills than YouTube Shorts.

If you’re creating content for TikTok or IG Reels, you already have the content. Just upload it to your YouTube with search-friendly copy. We promise you’ll see results—in the past 6 months, our clients have seen their YouTube impressions increase by an average of 151%, while their subscriber counts have grown 48% on average.

Here’s What’s Happening in Social Media Right Now

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Our CEO gets asked all the time, “How can I make my own content that doesn’t look like garbage?” And in true Will Stewart fashion, he crafted a video series to answer this question and others like it. So, we’re going to be sharing little nuggets of advice every week from here on out.

Here’s the first thing you need to know about creating your own videos: your first one might stink a little. And that’s okay! Click below to hear what we mean (embedded via YouTube Shorts because we practice what we preach around here).

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