Do Holiday, Birthday, and Anniversary Posts Belong on Corporate Social Accounts?

Do holiday, birthday, and anniversary posts belong on corporate social accounts? Our opinion: It depends on the purpose. A good purpose is if you’re following a thoughtful strategy. Maybe your company and your team has a lot of face time with current/prospective clients or customers. It’s a good idea to get their names and faces out there, so your audience doesn’t feel like they’re meeting a stranger. Maybe you’re in the middle of a hiring push and want to attract the best talent—showing off your team’s personality gives a glimpse into the day-to-day of working with your team. If you’ve got an experienced team and see that as a competitive advantage, anniversary posts are smart. Holidays are trickier—if they connect with your company’s purpose, mission, or values, you should absolutely share them.

A “bad” purpose (which honestly isn’t that bad, you could do worse) is if you’re just trying to hit a post-count quota and see it as low-hanging fruit. This becomes a problem if the only thing on your social accounts comes from this bucket. Even worse if you’re an agency selling social services—that’s not a very responsible use of your client’s resources, and you’re taking their money while not doing much to distinguish them from their competition.

Long story short, if you have a strategy and campaign built around holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries, go for it.

Unhinged Social Media: In or Out?

Remember when social media marketing shifted from “we just need a presence to promote ourselves” to “what if we just act outrageous and deranged online?” Wendy’s or Denny’s Twitter account probably comes to mind. Man….what we wouldn’t give to have been in the room during that pitch.

So, those accounts (and others that adopted that same strategy around the same time) gained traction because they stood out. They were fresh and new. With each new brand that adopted that approach, it became less unique. Eventually, the intrigue wore off, and some audiences got sick of it. The official term is fatigued.

TikTok kinda brought a renaissance of unhinged social media content. Perhaps no brand is more well-known for this than Duolingo. We’re big fans of Nuggs, especially their ​“locked in the basement” series​. Based on what we’ve gathered, if you’re going this route, you need 4 things:

  1. Very chill leadership
  2. Ability to tell a story in 60ish seconds WITHOUT selling constantly
  3. A mascot or face of the brand
  4. A creator behind the account (which could also be #3)

And honestly, without those things, you should just say no if your boss asks why you don’t have the same kind of presence of Duolingo. They dedicate a ton of resources to their TikTok alone, so it’s unfair to compare your split role in marketing and social media to what they’re able to create.

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