Need Social Post Ideas? Here Are 3 (and they’re free!)

Don’t Overthink Your Next Post. We’ve Got You Covered 👇

Here are 3 social post ideas to make your next content calendar just a little bit easier.

  • Share your mission/vision/values. This is the most clear way you can communicate what you’re all about, and you don’t really have to create anything new. Just throw a series of graphics together or record a video.
  • Highlight your team. Let people see who’s working behind the scenes. It’s a great way to build connections, which is still the heart of social. Team of one? It’s still cool to run with this, though it will feel super weird talking about yourself in the third person. Trust us…that never gets easier.
  • Give a history lesson. How did your company end up here? There’s gotta be a story there. Find it, dig in, and have fun. This is a good chance to work on your voice and style while stirring up hints of nostalgia and further connection.

Social Updates and Funky Things We Found This Week

  • ​Don’t click on this—it’s Elon losing a battle to the Community Notes feature on his own app. Don’t click seriously don’t do it.
    • If you clicked (shame on you!!!!) and are looking for a better explanation about…all of that…here you go.
    • We want to get into a whole analysis here but honestly, seeing how many people stuck around for more serious platform changes, it’s hard to see this one being the last straw for borderline users. If you’re still around now, you’ll still be around after blocking has been rebranded as something else. And surely it’ll be an insightful and clever name, not something gimmicky and nauseating.
  • ​This new Instagram feature is a step towards bringing social media back to a community-focused experience.
  • ​Here’s a great marketing analysis from a great LinkedIn resource.
    • Also, is anyone’s hot streak as blisteringly warm as McDonald’s lately? Maybe Liquid Death?
  • ​Check out this Instagram update that you’ll use exactly once and then forget about.
  • It’s never a bad time to share Instagram ranking factors—especially when they’re released by the app itself.
  • ​How does it feel to live our dream, Bengals social team?​
  • ​This is insane, right? Somebody please tell us this is insane too.

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking to add a Production Coordinator to our team! This role is perfect for anyone who’s looking to grow and develop in video production. Responsibilities include studio maintenance, production tasks, collaboration with Directors and DPs, prepping gear, organizing our grip truck, serving as 1AC or Grip, and working with our team on recurring content projects. Learn more below!

Check Out the New Digs

In case you missed it (no hard feelings), we moved into our new studio space earlier this year. It’s been a game-changer for us and Greenville’s film and content community. Inside sits a 33×18 foot LED Wall in a 3,000-square-foot soundstage, an amazing new space for agencies and filmmakers to bring almost any creative vision to life through virtual production. It’s also got three 500-square-foot content recording spaces, which are great for talking heads, social content, podcasts, online courses, photoshoots, and more.

Get Better at Social

We know how hard it can be to run an effective social media presence with a smaller team. Heck, we’ve had to figure this out ourselves. Once we started growing, we realized that we really wished we had someone to help us out along the way. Better yet, it would’ve been great to grow alongside someone going through the same struggles. We created a group to do just that through monthly educational sessions. Check it out below.

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