Should You Still Create a TikTok For Your Brand?

TikTok Might Get Banned—There’s No Point in Making One Now, Right?

Well, it’s probably worth clarifying a few things here. The ban in Montana isn’t happening until January 2024. And when that time does come, it’s technically not illegal for Montanans (Montanites? Montanians?) to scroll TikTok. It’s just illegal for app stores to offer it for download in that state. So, if the Duttons want to download it after then, they’d just need a VPN. (Don’t tell the lawmakers about VPNs. They aren’t ready.)

So, with that in mind: yes, you should still create a TikTok account for your brand. Here’s why.

Your main focus when evaluating platforms should be your audience: are they on the app you’re thinking about joining? (And if you’re not sure how to answer that, you should think about joining our Mastermind group. Keep scrolling to learn more…)

But, consider this: one thing legacy platforms (think Meta, Twitter, and LinkedIn) have in common is extremely limited reach without payment. TikTok has an ad platform too, but the likelihood that you’ll land on your target audience’s screen organically is so much higher than these other guys. There are so many stories of small businesses that have flourished thanks to a not-so-refined TikTok strategy.

We say yes, fire up that TikTok account and let the posts fly. You’ll still have plenty of time to find your niche and build a strong community, then you can direct them to your profiles on other platforms. Better yet, send them to your website—that won’t ever get banned.

Restrictions as things stand right now: if your target audience is primarily government workers, you probably shouldn’t launch a TikTok account. Same if you’re trying to reach exclusively higher education staffers. Their app usage is genuinely limited.

What’s Up in the Social World This Week?

Glad you asked. Check these out:

  • All Hail Mosseri: Instagram finally joined us in the year 2023!

  • The song of the summer was (maybe) created by an AI. We are TOAST.

    • This TikToker released a Drake/The Weeknd song, implying it was generated by AI. But…we kinda can’t tell? All traces of the song have been removed everywhere for copyright infringement, which is A.) weird if it’s a real recording and B.) super freaking weird if it really is an AI song.

    • We saw this in last week’s Garbage Day: a band called AISIS is using AI to step in on lead vocals. So, instead of paying for features, they’re just using an AI. It’s…creepy?

  • Watch for a happy cry. (And people want to ban this?)

  • Twitter news: none

  • A Really Good Article on why brands shouldn’t rely solely on trending content by Jack Appleby.

What happened to the Metaverse?

Serious question: why isn’t anyone talking about the Metaverse anymore? Is it because it sucks? Is the equipment required to access it too expensive? Does it look like total garbage? Is it the Meta layoffs? Probably just the layoffs.

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