News Flash: Twitter Doesn’t Exist Anymore.

Just One Week Without Twitter News, That’s All We Want.

Yes, we’re going to lead another email with a Twitter update. Actually, several. It’s a little bit like watching a fiery train wreck. Hard to keep looking, even harder to look away.

Anyways, here are this week’s Twitter-specific headlines:

  • We can prove that Elon’s ghostwriter is a 16-year-old. Here’s the evidence.
    • Legacy Blue Checks (ie, users who got verified before Elon) probably have nothing to worry about. Apparently, this info is housed in a giant Excel spreadsheet and check removal is a manual process. “Just throw it in a spreadsheet,” is an acceptable answer to any problem.
  • Substack, a blog/newsletter/creator hub, is working on a new feature called Notes, which is kinda similar to Twitter’s feed. So, Twitter blocked links from its platform to Substack and also redirected any searches away from Substack. Copying existing ideas never happens in Silicon Valley and we should be disgusted.
  • Twitter doesn’t exist anymore! Sorta. It’s now a part of X Corp, Elon’s shell firm. Please don’t ask us what this means, we have no idea.

Here’s a Roundup of Everything We Found and Liked This Week:


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