Our Thoughts on the Twitter Experience


Some Thoughts on the Twitter Experience Lately

Yeah, so, it’s not going great.

Generally, the UX has slowly become less interesting to use. Every “viral” tweet has 4-dozen terrible replies from the Worst Account You’ve Ever Seen. The shift in the “For You” page algorithm and general content discovery is going to make it really tough for pages to grow without verification. We’re seeing impacts to reach and follower growth on our end. If your brand has an existing presence on Twitter, you’ll be okay, but expect your stats to shutter. If you’re thinking about joining Twitter, maybe don’t?

It does seem like we’re eventually going to return to the pre-Elon Twitter era of verification and content discovery because it was…good and enjoyable. It made sense and people wanted to use the platform.

What’s Up in the Social World This Week?

Glad you asked. Check these out:

  • When Trends Go Wrong

    • This is so sad…but the asthetic is *chef’s kiss*

  • The Blue Check Apoloclypse happened last week but then also it didn’t.

    • Strong-arming Twitter power users into purchasing verification totally worked. Totally. Basically, nobody did it, people were very loudly AGAINST it, then they brought blue checks back for users with over a million followers.

  • Congratulations: Every App Is Now The Same!

  • They named the weird TikTok split-screen thing, “sludge content,” and we think they actually nailed it.

  • Do you have your Apple Bucks in order? Apple now offers a Savings Account with…a really good rate. Like way too good. What are they up to?

  • A Very Uneasy Meta Update

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