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Social media management and video content creation

You’re feeling the pinch of a content-first world, aren’t you?

That’s because making content is hard: you have to be a script writer. You gotta be good with a camera. Oh, and you have learn an editing program or fumble around on your phone with your thumbs. And then after all that, the lighting isn’t right and the sound sucks.

We’re exhausted just writing about it!

We get it, this is a lot. That’s why we have a team of experts waiting…and a really great solution to make creating content a lot easier for you.

Play Video

You need a content engine

You–yes, you!—can be a video-content-generating machine.

Our process is simple: once a month, sit down in front of our cameras and start talking. We’ll guide you through 2 to 5 topics of your choice to create a long-form video.

That’s it! You’re done! …But that’s just the first step for your content, because it’s going to go forth and multiply. Each long-form video becomes:

  • 5 video snippets
  • 5 graphics
  • 1 long-form blog post (oh hello, SEO value!)

Customize your Collaboration

We can support your team, or we can BE the team.

Our packages were designed to fit into your business in a way that makes sense–we’ll deliver files right to you for posting, or you can keep them in our court and we’ll handle all the social media nuttiness for you.

How it works

your package

your content

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media nirvana


Content Engine Packages

The packages below are for content creation only—if you want to add on full social media management services, just ask!


The Four Cylinder

Perfect for when you need just a little content, or you’re not quite ready to slam your foot on the gas.

Up to 24 pieces of content, including:

  • 2 long-form videos
  • 10 video snippets
  • 10 social graphics or thumbnails
  • 2 long-form blog posts
  • 1 monthly filming session
  • 1 monthly strategy session

Investment starts at



The V-6

Great for businesses that need a steady stream of content, or you’re fueling high-volume platforms.

Up to 60 pieces of content, including:

  • 5 long-form videos
  • 25 video snippets
  • 25 social graphics or thumbnails
  • 5 long-form blog posts
  • 1 monthly filming session
  • 1 monthly strategy session

Investment starts at



The Hybrid

Short on time and you want the best bang for your buck? Get three months of content in one go with the Hybrid.

Up to 72 pieces of content, including:

  • 6 long-form videos
  • 30 video snippets
  • 30 social graphics or thumbnails
  • 6 long-form blog posts
  • 1 quarterly filming session
  • 1 quarterly strategy session

Investment starts at


Ready to get started? So are we.