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Can Confirm, TikTok is Pushing Its Shop. Yeesh.

We can’t scroll past more than a handful of videos before seeing a TikTok shop placement. They’re mostly t-shirts, sweaters, and knickknacks (think online Cracker Barrel gift shop), but we must have seen thousands over the past few weeks. And honestly, the content promoting them is pretty engaging. The purchase experience is also very smooth. The big question is this: if you sell a product, would you sell it on TikTok? And why wouldn’t you? It’s becoming a go-to source for search AND news (spoiler).

2024 Predictions

You’ve seen a thousand of these by now. We get it. So have we. They all say the same thing in a different font: AI, AR, video, and shopping. There are no hot takes here—we agree that these will be big (just like last year and the year before). So, let’s have some fun. Check out these predictions. They’re a little silly, a little serious, and we’d love to hear what you think.

  • X will go bankrupt in April, then save itself by exclusively streaming to much-anticipated Elon v. Zuck MMA fight. Neither will win. X will then pivot to live events and streaming, like if Twitch and Periscope had a baby.
  • Threads will figure itself out and attract the depravity that has kept X afloat for the past year.
  • TikTok will evolve to real estate and medical sales as search usage increases. Misinformation will flow freely and we won’t be able to do anything about it.
  • Instagram will lean heavier into the Close Friends thing and usage will plummet because we’ll feel like we’re back in high school again.
  • YouTube will actually be a huge winner and push Shorts from a fringe platform to a go-to for people who feel icky about TikTok.
  • LinkedIn posts about Guys and Gals Doing Things won’t get any better. They’ll get worse. Longer even. And they’ll have more emojis. Like, so many emojis.

This Social Media Today article is more thorough and in-depth than we’ll ever be about our predictions.

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