Would You Pay For Ad-Free Social Media?

Focus on Consistency, Not Perfection

This is a reminder that not every single post and/or content calendar is going to be the best-performing thing you’ve ever created. Performance variability is about the only constant in social media. It’s like a giant puzzle, except all the pieces change shapes every day, and the picture on the box is really fuzzy. So, when things don’t go well, learn what you can from it and try again.

Social Updates You Need To Know About

  • Here’s a cool whitepaper from Meta on how shifting consumer needs are driving changes to brand marketing mixes. It’s worth reading, even if you don’t have a “traditional” marketing mix—we’re all trying to reach consumers, and that gets easier the more we know about them.
  • Would you pay for an ad-free Facebook experience? The subscription model is making its way to Meta: for $14/month, you can browse without seeing any ads.
  • How about $4.99/month for an ad-free TikTok experience?
  • Have you seen X’s new link preview? It’s….something. Anyone remember why Facebook added domain verification to their platform? X will find out soon. Or not. Honestly, who knows anymore.
  • Color us shocked: nanoinfluencers produce a better ROI than the Kardashians. Who would you rather buy from: a paid spokesperson, or someone who you’ve been able to connect with on a personal level? Value for dollar, smaller influencer accounts will always be a better investment. But, we’d argue there’s still a place for macroinfluencers, depending on your branding goals. Want to take steps to become a household name? Associate yourself with another large brand. Just know it won’t come cheap.

We’re Adding To Our Social Team!

We’re hiring (again)! This time, we’re looking for a Social Media Coordinator to help us serve our clients. Content calendar creation, social reporting, community management, and publishing are a few of the tasks on this person’s plate. But, you get to join a pretty sweet crew! Click below to learn more.

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