So, Some Stuff Happened in the Social Media World Last Week

Twitter, Meta, and the Battle To Come

Take a few seconds to relieve the tension in your shoulders, social media marketing folks. They’re probably up to your earlobes right now, just like ours.

Some big moves were made last week, and we’re going to break them down, starting with our obvious headliners.

  • Twitter added a cap to the number of tweets you can see. Realistically, I don’t think most people would ever reach the limit, but it’s a…weird move, right?
  • Twitter also announced that the legacy version of their Tweet Deck is gone, and their new version will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers. So, users have limits to their app usage AND their ability to create content. That makes two weird moves within, like, 2 days.

(We’re working chronologically, so we aren’t purposely burying the lede, promise. Deep breaths.)

  • Meta is going to take a stab at becoming an app store too, and considering their user count, why not? They’re kicking this off in Europe first, but there’s no idea when it’s going to happen. Could be big considering their other moves lately
  • Aaaaand here it is: Meta launched Threads last week, a Twitter rival (or copycat, depending on your digital allegiance)
    • It has 50 million users as of 7/7. That’s a lot, making this platform exceedingly more successful than other Twitter knockoffs.
    • As you can imagine, Threads is a very similar platform to Twitter. It’s essentially an open beta, so it’s missing a few things.
    • Its limitations (lack of search, no hashtags, no following feed) aren’t damaging to the overall experience, in our opinion. It does what it says: text-based content and interactions.
    • In a shocking twist, Twitter is allegedly suing for IP infringement. Reeks of desperation, especially since they publicly bragged about reducing their staff drastically, then released their code line for line. We’re not legal experts, though.
    • There aren’t ads on Threads yet, but we can assume that will change eventually. We think it’d be cool if these looked more like scoreboard display ads rather than full posts to really let the content and creators shine here.
    • Adam Mosseri has posted that the team at Threads is working hard to make fast updates to the platform. Keep checking in every few days for the next couple of weeks to see them.
    • Also, don’t stress yourself out by trying to come up with a brand strategy on Threads right now. Just have fun and check it out for a couple of weeks. It’s not in its final state yet.

Things We Saw and Liked This Week

There are just a few things here this week. We had a few other things to wrap our brains around (see above).

We recently launched our monthly Social Media Mastermind Group to help solo creators, social teams-of-one, and small business owners better understand the social media lanscape, starting with the available platforms. Want to see the first live session?

Check Out Our New Crib


In case you missed it (no hard feelings), we moved into our new studio space earlier this year. It’s been a game-changer for us and Greenville’s film and content community. Inside sits a 33×18 foot LED Wall in a 3,000-square-foot soundstage, an amazing new space for agencies and filmmakers to bring almost any creative vision to life through virtual production. It’s also got three 500-square-foot content recording spaces, which are great for talking heads, social content, podcasts, online courses, photoshoots, and more.

Get Better at Social

We know how hard it can be to run an effective social media presence with a smaller team. Heck, we’ve had to figure this out ourselves. Once we started growing, we realized that we really wish we had someone to tell us the right way to do things. Better yet, it would’ve been great to grow alongside similar teams going through the same struggles. We created a group to do just that through monthly educational sessions. Check it out below.

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