Case Study

Steve White Auto Broadcast Commercials

How we helped a car dealership hit the gas.

The Project

Steve White Auto is a family-owned car dealership group with two stores in Greenville, South Carolina. They’re known for charming TV commercials featuring the owner and his kids (and maybe a radio jingle or two). But, they were hoping to find some fresh ideas that could even go beyond broadcast.

The Challenge

There were a few challenges to tackle on this one:

  • They wanted stress-free logistics and plenty of preparation on the front end
  • They wanted more engaging storylines for their spots–after doing this for a few years, they were feeling like the idea well was running dry
  • They wanted to go digital: broadcast was working great for them, but how could they make an impact on social media, too?

The Insight

Marc Jr., the owner’s son and normally the star of the show, was getting close to the age where he was going to get his learner’s permit. When we heard that news, it was almost too good to be true: what new driver didn’t dream of his first car? How would that be different when you grew up on a dealership lot?

The Outcome

We came up with a four-commercial, year-long storyline that crossed over into social media. After the last one aired, the client told us something amazing: these were the most successful spots they’d done in years. And, thanks to social media crossover, they’d even made sales directly from people who’d found them through Instagram and Tiktok.

A car dealer owner and his son sit at a round table. a white volkswagen is parked in the background.

The Finished Spots

a group of audi model cars in a showroom

Behind the Scenes

We know what you’re thinking…

“Hey! I wanna make my commercials better, too!”