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Vic Sprouse
for instance

Vic Sprouse needed a thoughtful political video that introduced him to his community. We provided a finished commercial in 3 days!

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We're a Greenville, SC video production studio

9/8 Central is a creative studio that tells stories through cinematography. We have experience in producing and creating video and animation for television and Internet.

The best way to get to know is us through our work. We take a thoughtful approach to every project we do to ensure we are telling the right story with the right tools.

Video experience
Training videos
Short-form documentary videos
Corporate videos
Tutorial videos
Music videos

Our clients include
Century BMW MINI
Indie Craft Parade
Matthew Smith
Orange Whip
Gensavis Pharmaceuticals
Brickhouse Cardio Club
Geared for Imagination
Jason Blumer, CPA
Thriveal CPA Network
Padenrich Station
and many more...

we tell stories with

Documentary-style videos are best at showing the heart and soul of a company. We're experts at distilling your story into a short 2-3 minute video.

Sometimes a story has to be condensed into a short minute or 30 second commercial. We've done that too!

Motion graphics
You want an animation of a monster pounding a building then zoom out to show a hero and his beastie and then zoom out further to show the world, then a roar, & then a POP? We've totally done that.

what our clients say

“Will and the team at 9/8 Central rocked our video projects!”

Jason Blumer, Thriveal CPA Network

“a great experience!”

Dodd Caldwell, Moonclerk

“we were blown away”

Kase Luzar, Relay Foods

“the work is always first-class”

Christopher Strother, MVBC

“he is a man of character & does good work.”

Steve Harrison, Former WV State Senator

“the video turned out beautifully!”

Marie Wright, Padenrich Station

“Will is a pleasure to work with.”

Barrett Wood, Yaponit

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Let's have a conversation about how we can best be of service to you. Give William Stewart a call at (864) 326-5646 or shoot him an email.


Visit our lair

1040 W. Washington St.,
Greenville, SC

Stop by for a visit and let's have a chat over coffee so good you'll want to take some home.

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