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Great News: It’s Now Normal To See War Content on Social

  • It is a little alarming how quickly we’ve gotten used to consuming content on social while our feeds are populated with wars and violence. A decade or so ago, we would’ve been way more protective of our brands and kept our messaging away from platforms to avoid ending up on either side of some war post. Now, it’s normal?
  • A big question often comes up from brands when a violent conflict occurs: what should we say about this? We just want you to know, it’s okay not to say anything. It’s probably best. You’re (most likely) not experts on matters of international diplomatic relations. And that’s okay!

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We’re Growing (Still/Again)

Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but we’re hiring! We’re looking for a Junior Editor to join our Content Team and help us create engaging content for our clients. Bonus points if you have some animation experience, but it’s not a requirement. Sound good to you? Apply below!

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