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Social media management and video content creation

You’re feeling the pinch of a content-first world, aren’t you?

Maybe it’s your social media: you can’t seem to get it quite right; there’s too much to post in too many places, and you’re not sure how followers and impressions are doing anything for your business.

Or maybe you’re a product company with a lot of videos to get out for Amazon listings, retail partners, and–oh yeah–your own website.

Whatever the story, we hear you: this is hard stuff you’re dealing with. But hey: it doesn’t have to be hard.

The Problem

There are things every business has in common that are keeping you from getting where you need to be:

  • Your audience is undefined: you think you know who you’re talking to, but those aren’t the people liking your post.
  • Your business goals don’t match your social goals: you wonder why you’re investing in social media at all
  • You can’t wrap your mind around a process to produce the content you need: it feels like a disorganized free-for-all month after month

The Solution

You need two things: strategy and process.

We’ve created a system that takes the guesswork out of your content by defining your audience, understanding your business goals, and putting it all into a process that not only creates stellar content month after month, but gets you results. We call it our AMP Framework.

How it works

We learn
your business/audience

We present
your strategy

We create
content according to your needs


Our Packages

We can support your team, or we can BE the team. Our packages were designed to fit into your business in a way that makes sense. Not seeing something that works? Reach out and we can help customize a package.


Full social media management

This is a perfect option for small teams or solo marketers wearing too many hats. We’ll take the pain of content and calendar creation off your hands, and keep you updated on everything that’s happening along the way.

  • Annual strategy using our AMP framework
  • Monthly meeting rhythms for strategy adjustments and reporting
  • Monthly content calendar creation (copy and images)
  • Scheduling and posting on up to 4 channels
  • Community management and moderation
  • ½ day filming each month
  • Video editing
  • Reporting

Investment starts at



Recurring video content creation

This package is great for teams who can post on their own, but need support for high quality video production. We’ll help you with strategy, ideas, and scripting, then provide the team to film, produce, and edit for you.

  • Annual strategy using our AMP framework
  • Monthly meeting rhythms for strategy and planning
  • Scripting support
  • Up to 1 day of filming either monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly
  • Video editing

Investment starts at


Ready to get started? So are we.