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Senior Content Strategist


Senior Content Strategist

9/8 Central, a video production company in Greenville, SC, is looking for a seasoned content and social media strategist to join our video-first marketing team.

First, a little about you: you’re the type who’s into social media for work and pleasure, and you take notes. That engagement tactic you saw? Oh yeah, you want to try it. And a trend you spotted? Yup, you’ve already got three ideas for how it can work for your client. You’re head over heels for a good caption and you’ve accumulated a list of video hooks in an iPhone note somewhere. But not only that, you know how these things are going to fit into a well-defined strategy.

You know that working in social media means you’re a certified Swiss army knife: you LOVE to write and the idea of crafting scripts excites you. You’re an ideation machine. You have an eye for graphics, branding, and video, and you’re not afraid to dig into numbers, either. You have a specific passion for video content and a solid understanding of how content can work across digital channels–not just on social media.

As the senior strategist, you’ll be leading a small team of social coordinators who will help execute your vision. You’re willing and able to be a strong hand that guides and teaches them. You’re also extremely comfortable in front of clients: running meetings, writing emails, and ensuring we’re living up to our promises.

If this sounds like you, we’d be honored to hear from you. 


  • Plan, design, and implement content strategies that align with our client’s goals and objectives: defining the audience, narrowing down channels, creating goals, determining success metrics, etc.
  • Lead in the creation of shoot plans for our clients’ filming days
  • Lead in calendar creation and curation, overseeing graphics and written copy, and reviewing videos
  • Lead in community management, such as responding to comments and finding opportunities for engagement
  • Lead in report creation and performance analytics, and add insights that improve client strategies
  • Lead in content scheduling/publishing
  • Ensure the production team has clear direction for social video shoot goals
  • Assist with directing clients during the shoot to ensure the production team is capturing the right content on set
  • Lead in project accountability: ensuring that the team is hitting deadlines and promised turnaround times
  • Lead in writing scripts for our one-off clients based on the direction of the creative team


  • Experience managing social media for a variety of clients. Ideally, you have 5-7 years of experience—bonus if it’s in an agency setting.
  • A true passion for consuming and creating content. This can’t be understated: social media isn’t just something you do at work. We’re not expecting you to be an influencer, but you find joy in posting, sharing, writing, and scrolling–yet you’re a fierce professional when it comes to serving your clients.
  • An accountable leader with excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and a high sense of urgency. You will hold the senior position in this department, and that means holding the team accountable to deadlines and quality control. We also produce a TON of content, so you need to be able to keep it straight. You don’t waste time and move quickly–because social media does, too.
  • A love for ideating and trying new things. We pride ourselves on our processes to ensure we’re fulfilling our promises–but a savvy social lead knows how to play within the guidelines and push the boundaries. No matter what, your goal is to produce the best possible strategic content for our clients.
  • Agency experience and a heart for client service. You know how to handle several clients and demands at once, and it doesn’t shake you. You’re committed to giving clients the best possible experience, making them feel valued, heard, and cared for at every step.
  • Strong leadership skills. You will take on a direct supervisory position to our social coordinators and we’d like to see previous management experience. We need a strong leader who can lovingly but firmly guide a young team.

$60,000 – $80,000 per year

40 hour week on average, but some weeks may be busier than others

Our Core Values

We live and hire by our core values of Fearlessness, Accountability, Communication, Servant’s Heart, and Hunger. Here’s what that means for the Senior Content Strategist role.

  • Fearlessness. You know that creating content is a world of constant experimentation, and you’re not afraid to try new things. You’re not afraid to push and direct your clients and team to get the type of content you know you need. You’re always challenging others to one-up the product.
  • Accountability. You’re extremely organized and know when deadlines are coming. You believe in honoring those deadlines and upholding client promises, even if it means staying past quitting time to finish a task and ensuring your teammates follow through with what you need from them, too. You’re also dedicated to guiding the client toward the best thing for them–you take charge of the strategy and the work and proudly wear the hat of “subject matter expert.”
  • Communication. You’re an expert-level communicator and can smooth over any situation with a client. You’re clear and succinct. You know that when you’re working with a team, sharing information and context is critical to keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Servant’s heart. You’re okay with being what we call a “little-j jerk” to ensure client promises are fulfilled and quality standard is met. You understand that clients might not be comfortable in front of a camera at first, so you’re extremely attentive and empathetic to their needs.
  • Hunger. You’re always looking for ways to level up, improve, and “plus-one” ideas. You have a contagious enthusiasm that naturally motivates teams and gets them excited about the next thing. You want your clients to see results and have an intense drive to make it happen.

About 9/8 Central

If you’ve always wanted to be a part of a tight-knit team that works hard and makes creative videos, then you may just like it around here. We’re growing fast. And we’re doing the kind of work that brings us fulfillment and scratches our creative itch: from commercials to brand videos to social media content.

Some days the work is hard but we always strive to keep our environment upbeat and positive. There’s no room for negativity here.

We don’t film weddings or events. And we don’t do low-production “spray and pray” type shoots. Our projects are filmed with intentionality and an eye for quality.

When we’re not working, we’re playing: filming shorts and other projects for fun and to grow.

Clients include GE, CAT, Ryobi, Liberty Mutual, DHL, John Deere, Home Depot, TD Bank, GE, Michelin, BMW, Milliken, Samsung, Northwestern Mutual, and Clemson University, to name a few.

Think you’d like to join us? We’d be honored to get your resume. Click the button to apply on Indeed.