How To Improve Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Can Be Tricky. This Should Help.

Facebook (sorry, ahem, “Meta”) ads can be really tricky to manage, and it’s easy to get lost inside your own account suddenly. They’re aware of this, so they released something called “Performance 5,” a series of data-driven insights to help you better manage your ads. Check it out here and check out our thoughts on each below:

  • Conversions API: Yes, very good to connect and use this inside your ad account.

  • Simplified Ad Sets: This is another good thing to do, mostly because you’re releasing control and letting Meta’s delivery do the hard work for you. It’s definitely a balancing act and takes a lot of effort to find a balance.

  • Broad Targeting: This is where we have a few questions. We think it depends on your advertising objectives—increased awareness and even traffic generation into a remarketing funnel perform best with broad targeting. But we’ve always had better conversion results with specific interest targeting.

  • Mobile-Friendly Video: So, just read this one as “Make 9×16 videos for ad placements and keep them under 15 seconds.” Totally agree, it makes the user experience so much better and a little less advertising-y.

  • Ad Testing: Another great thing to do if you have the budget for it. If you have a smaller budget, you may find that A/B testing creative does more harm than good.

How often do you run Facebook ads, and how are your results?

Apple’s New Doofus Identifier

Apple’s figured out something that Meta couldn’t: a slower and more subtle shift into a digitally augmented future is easier for regular people to adopt. VR is just…a step too far for most people. There’s no easing into it. But Apple’s AR approach (we’ll argue that this is what Vision Pro really is, btw) takes into account that most people just don’t like doing drastically new techy things.

However, because it’s still a headset, everyone who wears it in public is going to look SO dumb.

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