Case Study

Visit Greenville Holiday Commercial

How we helped pull off a Christmas miracle.

The Project

Upper West Creative had a request from the Greenville tourism bureau: create a beautiful commercial that would be ready to air in major markets ahead of the holiday season. We needed to show off all the charm and hospitality the city has to offer—and if you’ve been here, you know that’s a lot. In this case, eleven locations total!

The Challenge

This project came across our desks the week before Thanksgiving. That’s code for “not much time to produce a holiday commercial before the holidays.” In order to pull it off, we needed to mobilize—and fast.

The Outcome

The goal was to create a spot that made the viewer feel as if they were already walking the streets of Greenville. It took 30 cast members, 11 crew members, a handful of specialty lenses, 2 days to create, and 4 days in post-production…but even with the time constraints, we hit the deadline. It was out the door and on TVs just in time for holiday promos.

couple waving to friends in a restaurant

The Finished Spot

Behind the Scenes

We know what you’re thinking…

“Hey! I wanna make a commercial like this!”