Case Study

O’Charley’s Hook, Line and Southern

How we transported a restaurant to a whole ‘nother world.

The Project

Upper West Creative, the creative agency behind O’Charley’s restaurant, came to us because he wanted a truly unique approach for a commercial featuring the new Hook, Line, and Southern Seafood menu. Immediately, our team knew how to take it to the next level: by transporting the diners to a new world through a glance at the menu.

The Challenge

We knew this would be a job for green screen (those were the pre-LED wall days!), but in order to convincingly turn dinnertime at a Greenville restaurant into an afternoon eating by the seaside, we had to do a night shoot. This helped us get the lighting juuuust right.

The Outcome

It took 27 members of the cast and crew to pull it off, but we’ve got to say: this is one of our favorite commercials to date. The results speak for themselves—keep scrolling to check it out.

The Finished Spot

Behind the Scenes

We know what you’re thinking…

“Hey! I wanna make a commercial like this!”