Case Study

Honey, Buy a Kenmore

The making of a vacuum commercial that doesn’t suck.

The Project

Cleva North America, manufacturers of Kenmore brand vacuums, were about to release new product models in retail stores across the country. They needed a series of commercials to use in digital marketing campaigns across social media, YouTube, and the web.

The Challenge

Typically, vacuum commercials are a lot of the same old, same old: person picks up vacuum, person sucks up mess, person puts vacuum down and lives happily ever after. The Kenmore team wanted to do something different and focus on a storytelling approach that would help this established, beloved brand get a refresh for a younger audience.

The Outcome

Our commercials centered on a quirky habit held by the latest generation of young adults: calling their parents for help when they don’t know how to do something. And of course, their parents have the right, obvious answer: Honey, buy a Kenmore!

We know what you’re thinking…

“Hey! I wanna make a commercial like this!”